Benefits of Squats for Men

Learn how to squat correctly & not only will you have better sex, you will look sexier too.

How squatting correctly results in better sex.

Squats work your largest and most powerful muscles, producing greater amounts of hormones and are the number ONE exercise for a better butt and improved libido

Squats work the Kegel muscles, your pelvic floor muscles, to “help strengthen the muscles responsible for orgasm” Greater control of the kegel muscles lends to greater sexual satisfaction for both you and your partner. Squats help women by boosting sexual arousal and getting blood flowing to the pelvic diaphragm and urogenital muscles,

For Men, lifting heavy weights releases testosterone. The squat is a compound exercise that works the whole body. The more the human body works, the more testosterone is produced –

Squats work your whole body and is known as the the king of all exercises. Heavy weights bring the best results, squat heavy with proper technique and you won’t get injured

How To Squat Correctly

Correct form is the key to avoid knee and back injuries. Squat in the Power Rack, set the safety pins and use proper form. Don’t do partial Squats, squat down until your hips pass your knees.

Always warm up with a few  light reps and gradually increase the weight. For women, don’t be afraid, you will not grow big, you don’t have the hormones. Gain confidence for big heavy lifts by practicing failing with a light weight to learn what to expect when you really need to fail.

Squat Twice Per Week

Focus on one heavy and one speed session separated by 48-72 hours to allow full recovery. For added benefits cycle in front squats into routines

Speed squats are ideal for power development and technical practice. Loads of 40-60% of your 1RM are best to achieve maximum power when moving at speed.

Hold the bar as tight as hell and  squeeze your upper back before you unrack. Place the bar at the level of your nipple and make sure you are even on the bar before unracking

Stay tight and hold the bar narrow so you can squeeze your upper back harder. Grip the bar as hard as you can and squeeze your shoulder blades and you will never hurt your back. Squeeze your glutes when unracking

Straight Head Position

One big no-no is to look down at the ground.  I pick a spot on the wall in line with my eyes as I stand straight, when I squat down, I concentrate on the spot, and My head is automatically in the correct position.

Squat with your heels directly under your shoulders while pushing your knees to the sides and slow down, never rush.  Pushing your knees out helps prevents twisting of your knee joints

Train to squat deep

But if you can’t maintain position, don’t force it. Your lower back must stay neutral. Maintain a natural arch in your lower back like when you stand. Keep the bar over your mid-foot.

If you rise and the bar is out of line and back is bowed over, fix it quickly. Focus on keeping a tight arch all the way through the movement. If you get loose at the bottom and lose it, then you need to drive back on the bar and get it back. Strengthen the back through reverse hypers & arched back good mornings. Lower the squat weight until you can maintain an arch all the way through the movement

When you rise, push from your heels. Keep your weight on your heels and drive up. To make it easier, point your head and neck up while you push.

Don’t Pause. You lose the Stretch Reflex if you pause at the bottom of your Squat. You’ll Squat more weight if you rebound off your stretched leg muscles at the bottom. Squat down, break parallel, then forcibly push back up. Use proper form by controlling the bar. Keep your knees out, hips back and lower back neutral at the bottom of the squat.

Drive the Bar Upwards

Drive your shoulders upwards, and make sure your elbows are aligned under the bar, not pointing backward.

Breathing is important for squatting, As you are lower, take a deep breath in or hold your breath, and as push up, breathe out forcefully or exhale at the top. Once you’re at the top, take as many breaths as you want before going back down.

How to Squat correctly, The Finishing Line

Finish every Squat by locking your knees gently. Trust your skeleton to hold the weight by locking your knees. This works your quads through a full range of motion and makes the bar easier to hold. Squeeze your glutes to help remind you to lock your hips, and don’t let your lower back round.