Hand Stand Secret Technique – Pike Push Ups

Hand Stand Secret Technique – Pike Push Ups

My top exercise to master the hand stand, the pike push up!

One of the most helpful exercises for me ever to help maintain the position for an unsupported hand stand was the pike push-up.

Add the pike push up to your routine if you want to build rock hard shoulders and master the hand stand. They focus on the anterior and lateral deltoid muscles but also work the triceps and muscles in the back.

The pike push up works the same muscles used when doing hand stand push ups.

How To Do Pike Push-Ups

Pike push-ups done with correct form are not easy. Do not let your arms flare out like a standard push-up. Keeping your
elbows in line will help with shoulder stability and put more focus on your triceps.

  • Get in the downward dog position with the upper and lower body at around a 90 degree angle.
  • Bend the elbows and lower yourself  under control but do not let the elbows flare out
  • The head, upper body and arms must stay in a straight line throughout the movement
  • Move all the way down until the head slightly touches the floor and pause for a second
  • Press back up keeping the elbows in line
  • Do the movement in a slow controlled manner

To make the exercise harder and if you want to progress to hand stand push ups, try lifting one foot of the floor or elevating the feet.

Another Useful Tool to Master The Hand Stand

Suspension straps such as TRX target balance and stability and  develop core and upper body strength

The push up to pike on suspensions straps is a real shoulder and core killer workout

Add the above exercises to your routine and you will be quickly moving onto full hand stands,

The pike push up is goal orientated towards handstands, as it puts your body in a similar position.

Even if you’re a long way away from performing a free standing hand stand, and if you ever want to perform a full handstand pushup! Do Pike Push Ups