So important for weight training, but regardless if you are doing bodyweight progressions, crossfit, or running, the hard work only pays off if you have adequate rest.

That doesn’t mean spending the day like a couch potato! Plan rest days so they are of benefit by doing some yoga, foam rolling, or mobility exercises.

Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness says:

Whether it’s scheduling one of the activities below at the same time you normally train every day, or deliberately adding a morning mobility/stretching routine to your day, doing SOMETHING every day is a great way to remind ourselves “I am changing my life and I exercise daily.”

If you have nothing to do, try something different like going swimming or for a walk. Go for a game of squash or play  some sport.

Steve Kamb suggests running intervals for lifters. Running and lifting on different days can be of benefit as long as you don’t over do it, no one is saying go for a marathon run.