Myths about Weight Training

The most common weight training myths below have a damaging effect on on the public’s perception of weightlifting

Strength coaches or professional athletes will have heard the myths below a million times before but they are experienced to realize there is not a single shed of truth in any of them. However, for those starting out this article helps to dispel many of the myths in weight training which prevent beginners hitting their goals so they can focus on what really matters…building muscle

No 1 of all time weight lifting myths

“You Must Take Anabolic Steroids to Grow Big”

It’s no secret that modern PROFESSIONAL or aspiring pro body builders make use of anabolic steroids and synthetic testosterone to build enormous muscles. However, don’t be mistaken, the steroids alone are not enough; building muscles with or without steroids is the result of a tireless effort day in and day out of the gym and taking care of what one eats.

However, the professional body-builders who compete on the NATURAL circuit are no less impressive with their muscular frame.

Although nowhere near as enormous as the guys on the pro circuit, natural body-builders do have massive muscles which prove  STEROIDS ARE NOT NEEDED. Natural body-builders tend to be admired and respected more by the majority of the general public simply because steroids are frowned upon.

The public frown upon Steroids mainly because of a lot of misinformation which has been floated around. Nevertheless, taking steroids is a matter of personal choice but it’s a decision which should not be taken lightly. If you have no intention of one day competing on the professional circuit with the big boys, it would be wise to think twice and contact your doctor because your health is paramount, and is it really worth the risk just because you want to look huge?

No. 2 of all time weight lifting myths

“When you stop training muscle will turn into fat.”

Lol…Fat and muscle tissues, although they have a special relationship as do all parts of the human body, are entirely different entities and it’s simply impossible to turn muscle into fat or vice versa.

When you stop working your muscles, atrophy (wasting) sets in and your muscles naturally shrink. The chances are when you stop working out you will LOSE MUSCLE & PUT ON FAT, but that is a by-product of NOT training and living a healthy lifestyle, not some magical composition of muscle turning into fat.

No. 3 of all time weight lifting myths

“You can’t build muscle after 40.”

Codswallop! No doubt it gets harder, but if you follow a good training program and take care of your diet muscle will grow. After all, your still a baby and have a long way to go in life, even more so, if you work out and take care of your health.

No. 4 of all time weight lifting myths | The biggest fear for women

“Lifting heavy weights will make me look like a man.”

So many women are afraid of lifting heavy weights because they heard the silly statement above which is spread by both women and men.

Even professional women athletes do not produce enough human growth hormones and testosterone to build the bulky muscle you see on men body-builders

The female body can never naturally build big muscles like male body-builders unless they inject anabolic growth hormones or testosterone

Women have no need to fear “bulking” because if they follow a good training program with adequate rest and sensible eating, they will find a by-product of lifting heavy weights is that they will become SEXIER & CURVIER

There are a thousand more weight lifting myths but the above are the most common myths that abound in society which have a damaging effect on the public perception of weight lifting. Do your self a favour, don’t listen to the naysayers who peddle the weight lifting myths and go bend some iron.