Pistol Squat Progressions That Get Results

The 5 Minute pistol squat progressions Tutorial

Learn to control your own weight before using weights and you will have better control over your body and get better results. These pistol squat progressions are a sure fire fast way to learn how to master the impressive looking one legged squat.

First things first, if you cannot do full low level squats with 2 legs you need to build your strength and probably your flexibility before thinking about pistol squats.

Strength Test for Single Leg Squats

You need to be able to do 30 close leg squats to be able to carry out a single leg squat. If you can’t, do some weighted squats or keep practicing the exercises below to build up strength.

Try keeping a record and mix the progressions up rather than focusing on one exercise, it will keep you motivated and help you progress faster. Most people give up on bodyweight exercises because they lose motivation by not seeing results as quick as they would like. Stay the course!

5 Easy pistol squat progressions Lessons:

Pistol Squat Progressions step 1: Single leg step ups

Step 1

Single leg step ups are essentially a single leg squat.

Adding weights into the equation obviously makes it harder as does increasing the height of the step up

No pushing with your trailing leg, keep form with slow strict movements.

Step 2:

Box pistol squats.

Single-leg-box-squats: Pistol squat progression step 2.

Simply squat down to a step, or bench, box pistol squats are for many the last progression they will need.

No need to add any weights, as strength increases, step to a lower box and keep lowering until you can manage a full single leg pistol!

Step 3:

Band assisted squats – One of my favorite pistol squat progressions

Single-Leg-Band-Assisted-Squat Bands are a great way to progress into a full single leg suspension-single-leg-squat.

It is important to always maintain good form, use the bands only to tighten and slack the tension, do not lean back and enforce bad habits.

Step 4:

Assisted Pistol Squats.

Assisted one leg squat. Probably the simplest way to start doing one legged squats. Hold onto an object such as a door or the frame, maintain good form and squat down into a full pistol squat.

Concentrate on technique or you will develop bad habits. Keep the knee of the pressing leg forward and do not lean back too far.

Step 5:

Pistol Squat Progressions – Counterbalanced With Weights

Use a 5-10kg weight to counterbalance as you perform a full pistol. Gradually progress to a lighter weight.

The above pistol squat progressions are proven to get results. Stay the course and you will be hopping on one leg in no time!