Ultimate Athleticism Using Calisthenics Weight Training to Look Like a Greek God

Nothing builds muscle like weights.

Nevertheless, weightlifting alone tends to build a one dimensional body, but combining gymnastic movements into a traditional weightlifting routine the end result is the ultimate athlete.

Max Shank, producer of Ultimate Athleticism  has helped thousands of ordinary people turn into what one can only describe as “Greek God Yogi’s” People who look like a Greek God but can do extraordinary bodyweight movements

Lift Heavy & Ultimate Athleticism

If you want to lift heavy or don’t want to stop lifting heavy, and be able to perform awe inspiring bodyweight moves like the muscle up or back lever, this is the course for you.

The author Max has knowledge, expertise and a unique coaching style and puts his training into a simple and effective program. Max does an incredible job at simplifying each movement and the Progressions seem so logical and have become a game changer for me.

I’ve been on a cycle for 4 weeks and I’ve seen tremendous amount of success. The L-sit work alone has switched my focus and helped me immensely to strengthening my back and core. After years of beating my body up with heavy lifting I am making positive strides with my strength, flexibility, and conditioning all at once.

Beside the main course in how to combine weights with bodyweight training for Ultimate Athleticism  you will learn techniques as, Vert-Specific Conditioning, Cumulative Injury Disorder & Self-Myofascial Release Techniques, and Bulletproof Olympic Lifting Using Primitive Patterns for Recovery.

Ultimate Athleticism identified many of my weaknesses, such as flexibility and muscle imbalances. I now focus a lot more on my flexibility and overall strength, and while the shift has far from made me a supple leopard, I am on my way to be a more complete, and stronger athlete.