Secrets To Finding The Best Pre Workout Supplements That Work

There is no doubt and solid evidence proves certain Pre Workout Supplements can give you that added oomph to your training. Nevertheless, buyer beware, most pre workout supplements are simply packaged with glitzy labels and are no use whatsoever.

Now listen to the truth even if it hurts.

If you aren’t busting a gut and pushing the limits, save your hard earned cash because most pre workout supplements are not going to make any damn difference. Most people don’t push hard enough to get any of benefits from the pre workout supplements.

The cold hard truth is you are probably not an athlete or bodybuilder who pushes to the limits, and like most people, you DON’T NEED PRE WORKOUT SUPPLEMENTS. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is the way to go for 99% of the population.

The secret ingredient for most people who train is to HAVE A PLAN! The difference between an athlete and the average gym-goer is an athlete will plan their training and nutritional needs. Most people do not have the determination to stick to their plans let alone make one. Eat right, train right, and stick to your plan is all that’s needed for the majority of people

A simple intake of carbohydrate prior to exercise is all that is needed for most people to boost power when training. Carbs release insulin and drive the delivery of nutrients to muscles.

If you still think you need supplements….

Not all pre workout supplements are created equally

I say most pre workout supplements won’t make a damn difference, but not all! Creatine for example, has been shown to add oomph to most peoples training. However, creatine is not really a pre workout supplement, because it does not make any difference what time of day it is consumed.

Foods such as tuna, pork and beef are high in protein, but studies show most people do not consume enough creatine. Creatine, one of the most researched supplements in the world, helps to improve performance when lifting heavy or training explosively in sports like bodybuilding, sprinting or jumping. Creatine helps your muscles to retain water, which in turn helps the muscles to work more efficiently.

For older men (like me) who’s testosterone levels might be dropping, a  found that a daily dose of creatine and following a 10 week strength training program significantly increased testosterone levels. Creatine has also been shown it can increase mental acuity and it benefits equally men and women.

Creatine is  not recommended for those doing cardio style workouts. Creatine benefits those involved in strength or power training programs. For those with any signs of kidney problems, ask your doctor before taking creatine. There are reports creatine could have a negative effect on people with pre-existing kidney problems. Take the added precaution of seeking medical advice if there are any signs of kidney trouble

Other supplements that have been shown beneficial to the average athlete are: Fish oils, vitamin D, vitamin K, and protein powders (protein powders should be used sparingly, for days when you do did not eat enough protein! )

The gospel of pre and post workout supplements

Finding information without hype and slimy sales tactics in respect to pre an post workout supplements is almost impossible, and I am yet to find a source I can call the gospel for supplements. Still, the now famous stack guides from, the  are probably the closest thing to the gospel on supplements. Nevertheless all though well written with what appears to be scientific proof, do not take everything as gospel, and the question  to ask yourself is, do you really need a pre workout supplement?